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Sigma Sleep Diagnostics (Pty) Ltd is a South African Company with the express objective of providing a comprehensive and effective safety solution in the arena of driver sleepiness and fatigue.

Our focus is on the Prevention of Sleep Related Accidents through the implementation of an integrated, cost effective and comprehensive approach to the identification, education and treatment of at risk groups.

Sigma Sleep Diagnostics utilises the unique experience and skills of an international team of experts in the screening, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders with state-of-the art technological interventions that enables accurate analysis of real time data capture.

Our services include the following

Driver Screening and Profiling Services to:
  • The Road Freight & Logistics Industry including Truck, Bus, Rail and Taxi industries
  • The Railroad Industry
  • Operators of heavy machinery e.g. mining operators
  • Airline & Airfreight Industry

    Diagnostic, Treatment & Aftercare Monitoring Services
    Through our affiliation with various sleep centres in Southern Africa we are able to optimise the process for the diagnosis and treatment sleep disorders such as, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). We provide the technological and sleep analysis infrastructure into place for physicians who are responsible for the care and treatment of patients with sleep disorders. For information these facilities please view this link

    Advisory, Educational & Training Services
  • Project Management and implementation of onsite Screening Facilities
  • Training and Advisory Services on Sleep and Fatigue Management
  • Support Services to our clients
  • Consultancy Services to relevant Government, Policy Makers & Strategic stakeholders

    We see our primary task as having to identify those at risk, to then treat the risk factors and manage future risk at a variety of levels through a combination of preventative input and active intervention where appropriate.