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Our Clients
Our Clients:
  • Fuelogic
  • Unitrans Limited
  • Imperial Logistics
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    Imperial Logistics
    Imperial entered the South African logistics and transport market in 1975 with a small fleet of lighter commercial vehicles, which were principally rented to clients and utilised to distribute food and fresh produce to restaurants.

    Today, Imperial Logistics is the largest division in the Imperial Group and involved in supply chain management activities in almost every industry in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is home to 60 operating companies; employs more than 11 000 people; operates approximately 5 000 heavy vehicles and has extensive warehousing facilities.

    Activities are housed in three focused divisions, namely Transport & Warehousing, Specialised Freight and Consumer Products. The international division, Imperial Logistics International, extends their reach beyond Africa. With headquarters in Germany, this division offers ocean, air and overland transport, as well as professional warehousing and distribution solutions to industrial clients, many of whom are in the steel and automotive industries.

    Companies that form part of this division include Panopa, Haniel Reederei, Brouwer, JH Bachmann and Neska. Visit for more information