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    Laser Logistics
    The Laser Group is a privately owned South African logistics service provider. Laser was incorporated in South Africa in 1971 and was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the transport sector for 17 years from 1986.

    In March 2003, a consortium of management led by Michael Fuller (The Laser Group Ltd CEO) acquired the business and de-listed the group. In its formative years, Laser focussed its activities on domestic furniture removals, storage and relocation. The Group developed and maintained the prominent brands and businesses of Stuttaford Van Lines, Pickfords and Frasers International.

    As the dominant player in the removals market during the 1990's, the group was able to expand its operations and expertise to other logistics businesses. In 1998, at a time when the residential housing market was at a low and interest rates had reached a high of 25%, Laser sold the removals business to the operating company management. The proceeds from this sale enabled the Group to further develop an integrated logistics business, whilst also identifying areas where it could offer other outsourced support services to businesses (eg HR and Information Technology).