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Our Clients
Our Clients:
  • Fuelogic
  • Unitrans Limited
  • Imperial Logistics
  • Laser Logistics




    Unitrans Limited
    Unitrans has been serving the transportation and logistics needs of South Africa for over a hundred years. It has many diverse complementary business interests in logistics and associated industries. These include freight and passenger transport, warehousing, distribution, express freight and courier services, vehicle retailing, fleet management and vehicle leasing, insurance and car rental.

    The Motor and Financial Services division operates 61 retail outlets making it one of the largest national motor vehicles dealers and, with the empowerment group, New Africa Investments Limited, also has a shareholding in the South African operations of Hertz, the international car rental organisation. The division also offers insurance products and full maintenance leasing. The group is active throughout sub-Saharan Africa and has more than 12680 employees.