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    Driver Screening and Profiling
    Clinical & Questionnaire Based Assessment
    The core feature of the assessment will include a full medical history and assessment by means of internationally recognised questionnaires of the driver’s propensity for sleep disorder(s). The individualised assessment includes a thorough assessment of the personal circumstances of every driver, details on environmental variables such as the Vehicle information, Driving habits, Lifestyle and Sleep habits and facilities for adequate sleep during work periods.

    In the assessment of driver’s sleep-wake and activity patterns, the Actiwatch has become the gold-standard device. It provides objective, accurately measured data on the patient’s daily life over a period of time from days to months and has a variety of potential uses in the driver population. It is now possible to measure a person’s activity, environmental temperature, light levels, mood state all by means of a device that looks and fits like a wrist watch. When combined with self-report sleep and activity logs, the Actiwatch provides an accurate screening tool for the likelihood of pathological sleepiness. This tool will enable an efficient and cost effective means of identifying those drivers at risk of sleepiness.

    Overnight Wrist Oximetry
    Recent advances in technology has enabled ease of diagnosis for sleep related breathing disorders such OSA. By means of a simple device, similar to a wristwatch, patients can be effectively screened for the presence of breathing related sleep disorders by measuring oxygen levels and cardiac variability.