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Our Services
Our Services:
  • Driver Screening and Profiling
  • Sleep Diagnostic Services
  • Treatment Services
  • Treatment Compliance and
    Monitoring Services
  • Contract Consultancy Services




    Contract Consultancy Services
  • Project Management and implementation of onsite Screening Facilities
  • Training and Advisory Services on Sleep and Fatigue Management
  • Risk Assessment of sleep-related risks in a workplace generally consider information collected from 4 sources:
    1. Discussions with management.
    2. Employee interviews to find out how tired they are, how they cope with their work schedule and whether they are at risk of sleep disorders.
    3. An environmental assessment looking at the role factors such as noise, lighting along with canteen and rest facilities, play in workers alertness.
    4. The objective measurement of the sleepiness associated with current shift schedules using software based on international scientific research.
    As a result of a risk assessment, informed decisions about what types of changes: schedule, organisational or environmental, can be made to promote well-being and alertness at work.
  • Consultancy Services to relevant Government, Policy Makers & Strategic stakeholders